Getting ready for an FAA checkride? If so we can help.

FAA CheckrideOne of the most stressful points during flight training can be the FAA checkride with an FAA Designated Examiner. Proper preparation can go a long way to relieving some of the stress. Your CFI should have prepared you with the skills, judgment, confidence and knowledge required to pass the checkride. We can help you prepare yourself for the flight test.

FAA Practical Tests are required to follow a very specific format and cover a set of published tasks. We will help you better understand these tasks and the format in which they are checked. Keep in mind the examiner is not just looking for facts and figures. As the PTS says “Examiner’s shall test to the greatest extent practicable the applicant’s correlative abilities rather than mere rote enumeration of facts.” We hope to help you connect the dots so you will have a complete picture of what to expect.


To start with, here are links to the PTS for the Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating Checkrides. The FAA ATP PTS and training requirements are listed with the Commercial PTS. Hopefully you are already very familiar with the Practical Test Standard that applies to you. Private Pilot PTS, Commercial Pilot PTS, Instrument Rating PTS. We check the FAA website often for PTS updates; however we cannot guarantee these documents are current.

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